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A family of very colorful useful ornamental shrubs for temperate climates; the Weigelas enjoy fertile well drained soils in sun or part shade. These long lived shrubs also enjoy a good fertilize in early spring ( 10-10-10 basic fert. or tree&shrub food recommeneded ). Reproduced from half hardened cuttings in summer or for the species - seed in autumn.

Weigela coraeensis

A Weigela on steroids. Can almost be pruned as a tree. Known to grow 9 feet in a single year when young, it will top out at 20 feet tall and up to 22 feet wide. A spectacular tropical looking plant with large ( 10 x 5 inch ) foliage, however it needs ample room to grow. It leafs out every early then late in spring has white or pink tubular flowers. This Weigela is native to Japan.

Weigela floribunda
A large vigorous deciduous shrub native to Japan that can reach up to 12 x 16 feet in size. Fast growing ( most recorded is 4 feet seasonal increase ). The leaves are slender and toothed up to 5 x 3 inches in size. They are somewhat hairy above and white and woolly below. The flowers are dark red and produced in the leaf axils in clusters up to 3 in late spring and summer. Hardy from zone 6 to 10

Weigela florida
A fast growing large shrub reaching up to 8 feet ( record is 17 x 13 feet ) native to far eastern Asia. The foliage is oblong with toothed margins and pointed tips. The leaves appear early in the spring, are felted below and reach up to 5 x 2 inches in size. The flowers appear late spring and summer and range from white to deep pink and are funnel shaped. Hardy from zone 4 to 9.

Up to 10 feet in height with large, crinkled leaves up to 8 inches in length that are light green with yellow margins.

'Fine Wine'
To 5 x 5 feet with dark burgundy folage and pink flowers. This Weigela looks awesome contrasted with white petunias in summer. Hardy zones 4 to 8.

'Foliis Purpureis'
A large shrub sometimes reaching 13 x 14 feet with coppery foliage and deep pink flowers.

'Java Red'
To 8 x 12 feet with red-purple leaves and dark pink flowers. Hardy north to zone 3.

To 6 x 6 feet and compact with dark green foliage that turns purple in autumn. The flowers are dark red. Hardy north to zone 5.

'Midnight Wine'
To 2 x 2.5 feet in 5 years ( eventually up to 2.5 x 3 feet ) with deep purple foliage contrasting deep pink flowers all summer long. A good thornless substitute for Crimson Pygmy Barberry. Tolerates wet soil. Hardy zone 4 to 8

* photo from unknown internet source - excellent color contrasts

'Minor Black'
To 4 x 4 feet with deep purple foliage.

'Nain Rouge'
Dwarf to only 3 x 3 feet in 5 years with scarlet flowers and lush green foliage that also turns brilliant scarlet in the fall. Hardy zone 4 to 8

'Pink Delight'
Fast growing reaching up to 7 x 13 feet; this Weigela has green foliage and pink flowers that fade. It is hardy from zone 3 to 8 and even thrives in Alberta, Canada at the northern end of the Great Plains.

'Pink Princess'
Vivid pink flowers. Up to 6 x 8 feet in size.

Originating in Ottawa, Canada; this hardy Weigela reaches up to 7 x 7 feet and is hardy north to zone 4. The leaves are dark green and the flowers are pink.

Growing to 4 x 4 feet; this Weigela has shiny dark bronze-purple foliage and deep red flowers. It even thrives in the harsh climates of the Great Plains north into Alberta, Canada.

Pink flowers and lush green leaves edged with cream. Up to 6 x 10 feet in size.

'Wine & Roses'
Dense and compact up to 3 x 4 feet after the first season and eventually to 6.6 x 7 feet. Fast growing with seasonal growth increase up to 4 feet. Glossy foliage is purple in spring and deep purple to sometimes almost black in the summer. Color is better in full sun and can become bronzy-green in the shade. The flowers are intense pink-red.

Weigela hortensis
A large shrub native to Japan that reaches around 8 feet or more in height ( record is 17 x 10 feet ). The leaves reach up to 4 x 2 inches and are heavily serrated and very downy below. This Weigela is smothered in 1.5 inch rose-pink flowers in clusters of 3 from mid spring to early summer. Hardy from zone 6a to 9.
'nivea' large white flowers

Weigela x hybrida ( Weigela hybrids )
Hardy zone 4 to 9

'Abel Carriere'
To 6.5 x 6 feet with dark green leaves and pink bell shaped flowers

'Bristol Ruby'
To 8 x 8 feet with carmine flowers

'Bristol White'
Reaching up to 9 x 10 feet with green foliage and white flowers.

to 10 feet with vivid green leaves and white bell shaped flowers

To 6 feet in height with finely serrated mid green leaves and pale pink flowers. Grows well in sun or part shade.

'Eva Rathke'
To 6 x 6 feet with very dark green leaves and funnel shaped dark red flowers

'Eva Supreme'
like 'Eva Rathke' but more vigorous

'French Lace'
Red flowers and yellow edges lush green foliage that turns burgundy and orange in the fall. Grows to 5 x 5 feet; eventually 6 feet.

Yellow leaves ( turn lime green by late summer ) and pink flowers. Hardy north to zone 5a and reaching up to 6 x 6 feet in size.

'Madame Lemoine'
pale pink flowers that fade to white

to 4 x 5 feet and hardy north to zone 3. This cultivar has oval coppery leaves and pink-red flowers

'My Monet'
dwarf rarely growing to 3 x 3 feet with foliage variegated white with pink overtones.
Hardy zones 4 to 6

'Newport Red'
Growing to 8 x 6 feet and very hardy. Lush green foliage and red flowers

'Red Prince'
Denser and even more lushly foliaged than 'Newport Red' and reaching up to 8 x 10 feet. Also hardier than 'Newport Red'. This repeat bloomer has scarlet, long lasting flowers.

Dark pink flowers contrasts with glowing yellow-lime foliage. Grows to 5 x 5 feet in 10 years and eventually 7 x 7 feet.

from Ottawa, Canada; this cultivar can reach up to 4 x 4 feet in size and has green tinged purple leaves and red flowers. It is hardy north to zone 3b.

Also from Ottawa, Canada; this cultivar can reach up to 3.5 x 4 feet in 10 years. it has clean green foliage that turns bronze purple in the fall. The flowers are pink-red. Hardy north to zone 4a

'White Knight'
With white flowers contrasting lush green foliage; this is one of the hardiest Weigelas. It is rated hardy north to zone 4 and has been reported to have only slight dieback at -33 F. It even grows in North Dakota but acts like a perennial rather than a shrub in the coldest years. Reaches up to 7 x 7 feet in 10 years.

Weigela japonica
Similar to Weigela japonica 'Sinica' below but is shorter and with light pink flowers that turn deeper pink later.

Weigela japonica 'Sinica'

Native to Japan; this Weigela on steroids grows extremely fast ( to 9 ft. / yr ) to 20 x 22 feet. Its lush tropical looking elliptical leaves grow to 10 x 6 inches and are thick corrugated and dark green. Its flowers in late spring open light pink then turn to dark pink. It is hardy from zone 5 to 8

Weigela middendorfiana ( Yellow Weigela )
A rare erect fast growing shrub from far eastern Asia that can reach up to 10 x 10 feet in size. The foliage is vivid lush green and is hairy below. The leaves can reach up to 5 x 2 inches in size. The fragrant flowers are funnel shaped and pale yellow with orange throats. They are produced in late spring. This Weigela grows best in part shade with protection from strong winds. Hardy from zone 3 to 9

Weigela praecox
An erect dense shrub native to Manchuria, Korea and Japan that can reach up to 10 x 8 in size. It is fast growing up to 3 feet per year and is about 7 x 10 feet in 10 years. The leaves are medium green, up to 3 inches long and are hairy below. The fragrant flowers are funnel shaped and pink with yellow throats. They are produced in late spring. Hardy from zone 5 to 9; Manchurian clones should be tested in zones 3 and 4
Lush medium green foliage with wide cream to yellow colored margins with some red tint. Flowers open deep pink fading to white however often remaining pink in the throats. Very attractive.

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