Sunday, June 24, 2012

Japanese Aster


Heat tolerant and generally hardy zones 4 to 8, these ornamental Aster relatives tend to bloom more in the summer than in the fall. The foliage is generally around 4 inches in length. The flowers attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.
Prefers full sun to partial shade.

Kalimeris incisa
Reaches up to 5 feet in height with almost white to lilac colored, daisy-like flowers up to 1.5 inches in width borne in clusters.
The tapered leaves are deep green.
Loves heat and humidity, and tolerates both drought and wet soil.

'Blue Star'
A compact perennial reaching up to 1.5 x 3 + feet. The pale blue flowers are borne from June through October. It can be used in the place of summer bedding annuals, as it usually blooms over an extremely long period lasting up to 4 months.

* photo taken on 4th of July 2010 @ U.S. Natioanal Arboretum, D.C.

* photos taken on June 28 2011 in Ellicott City, MD

* photos taken on July 13 2011 in Columbia, MD

* photo taken on Aug 10 2011 in Ellicott City, MD

* photos taken on June 20 2012 in Columbia, MD

Uprihgt in habit, reaching up to 2.5 x 3 feet and spreads rapidly by creeping stems.
The foliage is variegated with cream. The very abundant flowers are blue.

Kalimeris integrifolia
A bushy perennial up to 3 feet in height. Smothered with small, white, daisy like flowers all summer long.

Kalimeris mongolica
Reaches up to 3 x 2.5 feet with white flowers borne throughout the summer.
Hardy zones 4 to 8 in full sun to partial shade. Drought tolerant.

Kalimeris pinnatifida ( Mongolian Aster )
Native to Japan and reaching up to 5 x 3 feet. The foliage, up to 4 inches in length is narrow and serrated.
The very abundant small, semi double flowers are borne all summer long.
It reblooms if cut back.
Hardy zones 3b to 8, thriving in most of the U.S.

Kalimeris yomena

* photo taken on October 17 2010 @ U.S. National Arboretum, D.C.

Reaches up to 3 x 2 feet with potential of being invasive on some sites.
The foliage is very deeply cut and is green and variegated with a wide, cream colored margin. The light lavender flowers are Aster like and borne in early autumn.

* photo taken on Sep 27 2011 in Columbia, MD

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