Thursday, August 9, 2012

Model Homes - Ellicott City3 & 4

Model Homes - Ellicott City3

These are 2 Spruces that anchor a lot in Ellicott City, Maryland that are extremely large for their kind in Maryland. The Norway Spruce is one of the largest in the state. The only larger Spruce I've ever seen in Maryland is in fact an Oriental Spruce and not a Norway. Blue Spruces tend to prefer cooler climates so the one in the photo is also an exceptional tree for the Baltimore area. So on this landscape renovation project I worked with the home owner to preserve and show off these trees that they are very happy to have on their lot. With little care other than a yearly cleaning out of old shaded out stems and a weekly or biweekly deep watering during summer drought, these Spruces will likely last decades and even centuries to come. The natural needle mulch was left in place. It keeps the soil cool and moist and adds to the health of these trees. Studies show that trees with no turf on their roots often grow double or more the rate of trees that do.
I always enjoy preserving unique and historic plants on projects I work on. These Spruces required alot of climbing and alot of time as I selectively thinned out the canopies to enhance their natural effect. This has been one of my favorite projects this year. Hope you enjoy these photos.

Before - June 2010

After - July 2010 ( Lawn was just treated permanently for Grubs with Milky Spore but would have to wait for cooler autumn weather to be seeded to repair grub damage - see spring 2011 pics for results )

Apr 5 2011 - My special order Texas White Redbuds finally came in

* limbed up, feathered and fertilized, these spectacular Spruces dominate the neighborhood. They look even better now with a renovated lawn treated with Milky Spore to permanently and safely eradicate grubs.

* front bed looks sparse now because I cut back and fertilized the fall installed Pocomoke ( dwarf ) Crape Myrtles, Hameln Pennisetums and Blue Ice Amsonias. They will be back with a vengeance!

* the main event mulch and new plant beds comes next week! Stay tuned

* photos taken on August 12 2011

* photos taken on May 3 2012 in Ellicott City, MD

* photos taken on June 8 2012
* photos taken on July 30 2012
Model Homes - Ellicott City 4 * Before photos taken on Sep 3 2012
* After photos taken on Sep 15 2012
* photos taken on Sep 25 2012


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