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Sometimes you may not want to spray the lawn. A milky spore treated, dense, crabgrass free natural turf area may contain some non grassy plants you may just decide to keep, especially Dandilion. Your local water supply will thank you for deciding to keep this valuable plant which occurs in all U.S. states and most of Canada.

Dandilion ( Taraxacum )
The deep roots of these plants are great for breaking up compacted soil. The entire plant makes great organic material.
Improved cultivars with larger, more succulent foliage also exist and are still hardy and vigorous. The foliage makes an excellent salad herb, equal in flavor to Chicory.
The leaves of ( unsprayed ) Dandilion are VERY HEALTHY!!! They contain enzymes, chlorophyll and are rich in Vitamins ( A, B and C ) and Minerals ( Calcium, Iron, Copper, Magnesium & Phosphorus ). The Dandilion is also a Diuretic and Blood Cleanser. The leaves can be cooked in a change of water and can also be eaten fresh though are too bitter for some peoples taste. Dandilion can also be used in Green Drinks though sparingly enough to not make the drink too bitter. Blanching Dandilion is not recommended as it reduces not only the bitterness of the foliage but also the Vitamin content. Dandilion tastes better during spring and fall, also in winter in mild climate regions.
Dandilion is VERY RICH IN VITAMIN A!!! Dandilion plants may contain as much as 14 000 i.u. of Vitamin A per 100 grams. Eaten regularly, the leaves are a very strong Cancer preventative! The Juice extract can also be used to rebuild teeth and bones.
The sap of Dandilion contains rubber latex. One species Taraxium kok-sayghiz has even been cultivated in Russia for rubber production. Dandilion is among the richest of all sources of Potassium.
The roots are valuable in helping treat diabetes, hypoglycemia, hepatitis, gallstones and jaundice.
The flowers provide pollen for beneficial insects and the seeds are eaten by many birds. Wild and domesticated animals eat the nutrient rich foliage.
The are easy to grow on most soil in full sun. Propagation is from seed and it usually helps itself. The seed quickly germinates and has no dormancy requirement. Dandilion is very drought tolerant due to its deep taproot.
The Western World has been sold a lie. This lie feeds the profits of chemical companies. The truth is a clean, weed free lawn may be a sterile lawn, but it is certainly not a healthy lawn!
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