Saturday, May 12, 2012


While I haven't posted much on here over the past 2 months due to extremely high volume of work, I'll be posting some massive features over the summer. A few more features on plants ( running out of plants to write about ) and more on sustainability and environmentally safe landscape pest control / organic gardening coming your way. Also, check back on existing plant features...I been snapping alot of new plant pics on the job and have been adding some each night. While I don't think anyone has yet managed to photograph every plant hardy in temperate climate regions around the world, I am getting closer to m my goal. Hope you find my megablog a great resource for info on horticulture and the plant world. Feel free to write with any questions.


  1. It's neat to read about a person that loves landscaping so much.Today was a day of landscaping for me.In the past I didn't enjoy it as much ,but now I find doing yard work very peaceful and comforting.While working I get time to clear my mind and think over my life.Then seeing the accomplished work makes me feel very happy and realise that all that hard work was worht it!

  2. ahh, it's okay.. your works come first.. I will wait until you write your new post.. good luck!!

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  3. Thank you for the replies! :) Always great meeting people all over the world in my field of interest!

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