Friday, September 5, 2014

American Umbrella-Leaf

Diphylleia cymosa
A rhizomatous, dense, clumping perennial, reaching up to 3.3 x 3 + feet in height, that is native to woodlands in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the eastern U.S. ( eastern Tennessee, southwest Virginia; south to far northern Georgia and western North Carolina ). It is related to Podophyllum.
The toothed, peltate leaves, up to 22 inches wide, are deep green.
The white, bowl-shaped flowers, up to 0.8 inches wide, are borne on terminal cymes mid to late spring.
They are followed by blue berries, up to 0.6 inches wide.
Hardy zones 4 to 7 in partial to full shade on just about any moist to wet, humus-rich soil. Native to mount

* photos taken by Mark A. Garland @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Diphylleia grayi ( Sakhalin Umbrella-Leaf )
Similar to the above but native to high mountain forests in Sakhalin and northern & central Japan.

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  1. This plant is very beautiful. Does it take a lot of care to keep it growing? I'm thinking about redoing my yard.

    Nora Moore |