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Travels - Huron County, Ontario


* photos taken on Aug 4 2013

* photos taken on July 26 2015

* photos taken on July 16 2016



* photos taken on July 2012

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The largest port on Lake Huron, Goderich offers a thriving and historic business district, a wide public beach and boardwalk, many restaurants, a world class fitness facility and many trails to enjoy the more natural side of Huron County. The old train tracks are now a busy hiking and jogging trail with stunning views as it crosses high above the Maitland River. There are also more trails along the floodplain and rapids of the Maitland River and also south of town near the fitness facilities..there is a 3.3 km trail in the Maitland Woods where the combination of trees and ponds makes it a great place to see wildlife including nesting waterfowl.

* taken on July 16 2016

* historical archive photos

* description of Goderich and vincinity during early 1830s from "Twenty-seven years in Canada West; or, The experience of an early settler by Strickland, Samuel, 1804-1867"

The Jersey shore of Ontario also has it's wild side for anyone into the outdoors. It is Pinery Provincial Park which has some of Canada's best critically endangered Black Oak savanna ecosystems as well as the also critically endangered Great Lakes Coastal Dune Ecosystem. Over 800 species of plants and 300 species of birds can be found in the park. The variety of topography and the milder than average winters for the latitude as result of Lake Huron, make for an interesting mix of flora where Red Pine and Balsam Poplar can be found with an abundancce of Black Walnut, Chinkapin Oak, Dwarf Chinkapin Oak, Swamp White Oak, Black Oak, Dwarf Hackberry, Tulip Tree, Sassafras and Fragrant Sumac. Both Prunus pumila and Prunus susquehanae can be found on the sand dunes.
For a more complete list of trees...check
( http://pinerypark.on.ca/wp_site/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/tcheck.pdf ).
For list of Flora
For list of Birds
For list of Mammals
7 species of Turtles and the Eastern Hognose Snake can be found in the park. The Blue Racer has become extinct in the region. Massassauga Rattlers have not been documented in Pinery but likely occurred there previous when the region was settled as it is currently found in Bruce County to the north and formerly widespread to the south.

* photos taken on July 18 2016

* photos taken on July 30 2013

* photos taken on July 18 2018

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A town bordering on Lake Huron that is about a half hour drive north of Goderich along highway 21. There are many attractions including the Kincardine Lighthouse and Museum, The Rock Garden ( near the beach north of downtown ), the Bluewater Playhouse Theater as well as great hiking including the Burnside Memorial Trail and the boardwalk which runs along the beach. There is also great birdwatching at a pond at Legion Park just south of town.

* historic archive photos



* neighboring Lambton County

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