Saturday, April 9, 2011

Model Homes - Baltimore, MD

There is alot you can do to spruce up ( and yes those are Norway Spruces ) a densely shaded, tired looking lawn under large conifers. While installed early in spring using mostly 1 gallon sized perennials and small shrubs for all seasons, this small landscape will explode with color later this spring as the weather finally warms up. For evergreen effect many Ivory Prince Helleboris and Skimmia japonica were included in this mini woodland garden that will certainly give a north woods effect to this Mid Atlantic landscape.
The focal point is 3 Dixie Wood Ferns in the center which will reach about 4 to 5 feet at maturity.
* photos taken on April 6 2011 in Baltimore City, MD

BEFORE ( Well almost, I already planted half of the plants when I took the pic )

IMMEDIATELY AFTER ( More Pics to Follow as the Season Progresses )

* I will follow this project w additional pics during the summer as these plants rapidly fill in!
ALL plants were fertilized with bonemeal upon installation and will be fertilized again w high nitrogen in another month to ensure rapid growth and establishment.

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