Friday, August 5, 2011


Gazania x hybrida
Fast growing rhizomatous, low growing perennial, reaching a maximum size of 1 x 3.3 feet, with South African origin. In cooler climates it can be grown as an annual and is often used as a summer bedding plant as well as for borders and in containers.
The lance-shape to narrow elliptical leaves are up to 9 ( usually closer to 4 ) inches in length.
The daisy-like flowers, up to 5 inches across, are borne summer until autumn frosts.
The flowers are variable in color, ranging from yellow, orange, pink or red.
The flowers open in the morning and close at night.
Hardy zones 9 to 10 ( 8 on protected sites ) in full sun on sandy, well drained soil. They are tolerant of drought, wind and salt spray. May be prone to gray mould on wet site or in excessively humid climates.

* photos taken on July 31 2011 in Hyde Park, NY

* photos taken on Aug 31 2016 in Columbia, MD

Cream or gold variegated foliage. The flowers are orange.

Gazania krevsiana ( Hardy Gazania )

A perennial, reaching up to 6 inches x 1 foot.
The thick, narrow foliage is glossy deep green above, woolly silver beneath. The foliage turns to purple during winter.
The large, glowing intense orange flowers, up to 3 inches across, are borne mid spring to late autumn.
Hardy zones 6 to 9 ( tolerating -10 F on protected sites...may also reseed as an annual even further north in zone 5 ). in full sun on well drained soil. Very drought, rabbit and also salt tolerant.

Gazania linearis
A perennial, reaching up to 16 inches in height.
The golden-yellow ( with orangish-brown disk ) flowers are up to 2.5 inches across.

Gazania linearis 'Colorado Gold'
A very fast growing, rhizomatous perennial, reaching a maximum size of 8 x 40 ( rarely over 5 x 16 ) inches, that is native to high mountains of South Africa. It looks great as a landscape bedding plant or groundcover as well as in containers.
The narrow, strap-shaped leaves are very glossy deep green above, silvery beneath.
The golden-yellow flowers, up to 3 inches across, are borne during late spring to early autumn.
Hardy zones 4 to 9 in full sun ( partial shade where very hot and humid ) on well drained soil. Drought tolerant. Pests and disease problems are rare though rot may occur on wet soil or heavy clay.

* photo taken on May 25 2014 in Columbia, MD

Gazania rigens
A perennial, reaching up to 1 x 1 foot in size, that is native to Mozambique and South Africa.
The foliage is silvery-gray.
Th flowers, up to 3 inches wide, can be yellow, orange, red or pink.
Hardy zones 9 to 11 ( tolerating as low as 15 F ) in full sun on light, alkaline, well drained soil. It can be grown as an annual as far north as southern Canada.

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