Sunday, June 24, 2012


Anthirrum majus
A short-lived perennial that is often grown as summer bedding annuals. Moderate growing and upright in habit, it can reach a maximum size of 6 x 2 feet though usually much shorter in stature. Hardy zones 6 to 9 ( as a perennial ) in full sun on fertile, well drained soil. Drought tolerant. It prefers cooler summers, in the Deep South can be planted during early autumn and kept in place until the following late spring. Deadheading encourages repeat blooming. It is unfortunately prone to aphids and spider mites. Slugs can also be a problem, however is treatable by sprinkling diomaceous earth around the plant.
* photo taken on May 21 2012 in Columbia, MD

'Tahiti Series' Much smaller growing and resistant to foliar rust.

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