Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sea Oats

Uniola paniculata ( Sea Oats )
A very attractive, moderate growing, rhizomatous perennial grass, reaching up to 7 feet, that is widely planted along the east coast to stabilize sand dunes which it does with its network of dense roots. It is native to coastal sand dunes in the southeastern U.S. ( Gulf Coast, Florida and east coast north to Virginia )
This grass is rare and protected in much of its native range.
The showy white flower panicles, up to 18 inches in length, appear during summer.
The edible seeds are a tasty treat. Hardy zones 7 to 10 in full sun on sandy, well drained soil. It is very drought tolerant, however requires regular irrigation during the first season. Tolerant of high temperatures, salt spray and wind. It is illegal to dig up or collect seed from wild plants as it is covered under the Endangered Species Act, however plants can be purchased in nurseries or existing plants divided. It is not prone to pests or disease.

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