Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sun Plant


A fast growing, succulent annual, reaching a maximum size of 1 x 2 feet, with reddish stems and bright green, narrow succulent foliage.
The fleshy leaves can reach up to 1 inch in length.
The flowers, up to 2 inches across, borne all summer into early autumn are brilliant white, yellow, red or purple with showy yellow stamens.
The flowers close during the night.
It is highly recommended as an annual bedding plant for the fronts of borders on very hot dry sites as well as patio planters that are not watered on a regular basis.
It can also be grown in hanging baskets and between stones.
This plant is the epitome of xeroscaping made beautiful!
Thrives in full sun on well drained soil. Plant outside during spring after threat of frost has passed.
The Sun Plant is native to southern Brazil, Uruguay and northern Argentina.

* photos taken on June 12 2013 in Columbia, MD

* photo taken on Sep 30 2014 in Howard Co., MD

* photo taken on Aug 31 2015 in Columbia, MD

* photos taken on Aug 15 2016 in Columbia, MD

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