Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweet Cicely

Myrrhis odorata
A deep-rooted, mounding perennial, reaching up to 6 x 6 feet, that is a widespread native of moist woodlands and riverbanks in Europe including the British Isles.
The attractive, lacy foliage is bright green. The fresh leaves are edible and tasty.
The fragrant, white, starry flowers are borne on umbels up to 2 inches wide, during late spring.
Hardy zones 3 to 7 in full sun to partial shade on cool, moist, fertile, light, well drained soil. Cut back flowering stems after flowering unless seeds are desired for propagation ( which it often needs no help doing ).

* photos taken on May 21 2014 @ Hampton Ntl Historic Site, Towson, MD

* historic archive photos

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  1. I used to grow this in upstate New York and was always fond of it. The immature seeds can be chewed for a refreshing anise flavor.