Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Model Homes - Forest Hill

Projected designed by Randy Stewart Landscape Design. Excellent job on the stonework installation done by Eastern Mason Contractors, Inc. (EMC) of Whitemarsh, MD. Landscape plants installed by Randy Stewart Landscape Designs.

* photos taken on Sep 4 2011

* photos taken on Oct 28 2011

* photos taken on April 4 2012 in Columbia, MD
* photos taken on Aug 18 2012

* photos taken on Oct 23 2012



* photos taken on Aug 19 2012


* photos taken on Oct 26 2012

* photos taken on July 15 2013

* photos taken on Sep 21 2013

* photo taken on May 1 2014

* photos taken on June 20 2014

* photos taken on Mar 29 2016

* photos taken on June 18 2016

* photo taken on Oct 2 2016

* photos taken on Nov 13 2016

* photos taken on Nov 9 2017


  1. I really like the stone bed accents. Having dry stream beds in the landscape is so neat and adds a great multi-seasonal dimension. I also enjoy the correct spacing of all the plants, even the Thuja. All too often devious landscapers really over pack the landscape with plants which may look good to the owners for the first year. After five years, the overcrowding usually is quite obnoxious and plant health starts to decline.

  2. Thank you! Stone and native plants / Asian plants are my specialty though I try to customize my landscaping for each individual homeowner. I will continue to follow this and all the landscapes in my Model Homes albums as they progress through the seasons and as the plants grow.
    As for correct spacing, I agree totally and do prefer my landscapes to be low maintenance. So far since starting the business, more than half my installs have been replacing other peoples less than ideal work. Unlike what I tear out, I hope my own installations stand the test of time and look great as long as the homeowner decides to stay in their home and beyond.