Thursday, June 9, 2011

Silver Spike Grass

Spodiopogon sibiricus
A fast growing, upright, clumping, warm-season perennial grass, reaching up to 5 x 4 feet, that is native from Siberia to Mongolia and China as well as Korea and Japan. A great bold architectural plant that is similar to bamboo in appearance.
The very luxuriant foliage, up to 4 feet in height, is deep green turning to deep red during late summer into autumn. The individual leaf blades are up to 16 x 0.6 inches in size.
The silvery flower plumes, up to 6.5 ( rarely over 5 ) feet high, are borne during mid to late summer, lasting until mid autumn.
Hardy zones 3 to 9 in full sun to partial shade on fertile, moist, well drained soil that is mulched. Silver Spike Grass is not prone to pests or disease. Cut back as soon as foliage turns brown after first fall frost. Propagation is from seed or division done during early spring.

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