Saturday, October 8, 2016

June Grass


* photo taken by Dr. Nick V. Kurzenko @ CalPhotos

Koeleria glauca ( Large Blue Hair Grass )
A mounding, clumping grass, reaching up to 15 x 1.2 feet, with blue-gray foliage that turns tan-colored during autumn.
The green ( ripening to tan ) flower plumes appear during early summer.
Hardy zones 5 to 9 in full sun

Koeleria macrantha ( Prairie June Grass )
Also called Koeleria glauca. A cool season perenial grass, reaching a maximum height of 1.5 feet, that is native to grasslands in southern Canada and the U.S. ( from southwest Yukon to Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories to far northeast Alberta to The Pas, Manitoba to Winnipeg, Manitoba to Michigan; south to California to Louisiana to northern Kentucky )
The luxuriant blue-green foliage emerges early during spring but turns to golden-brown and goes dormant during mid summer.
The showy white seedheads appear during early summer.
Hardy zones 3 to 9 ( likely 2 for northeast Alberta seed source ) in full sun on sandy well drained soil. It is very drought tolerant.

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