Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sea Oats

Uniola paniculata
A very attractive, fast growing, rhizomatous perennial grass, reaching up to 7 feet, that is widely planted along the east coast to stabilize sand dunes which it does with its network of dense roots. It is native to coastal sand dunes in the southeastern U.S. ( from Texas to Maryland & Delaware; south to south Florida ).
This grass is rare and protected in much of its native range.
The leaf blades are up to 16 x 0.3 inches in size. It is evergreen in mild climates.
The white flower panicles are up to 18 inches in length.
The edible seeds are a tasty treat.
Hardy zones 8 to 11 ( 6 & 7 for Maryland / Delaware seed source ) in full sun. It is drought and very salt tolerant.

* photos of unknown internet source

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