Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wood Millet

Milium effusus
A clumping perennial, reaching up to 2 x 1 foot, that is native to Eurasia and eastern North America ( Saskatchewan to Thunder Bay, Ontario to Wawa, Ontario to Newfoundland; south to Illinois to New Jersey though also found further south to North Carolina in the Appalachian Mountains ). In the Windsor/Essex County, Ontario region; it was only noted as occurring on the east side of Point Pelee during the 1800s through may have gone unnoticed elsewhere before the mass deforestation during the 1880s. It is found in moist upland deciduous woods in the wild.
The attractive pale green plumes are borne early to mid summer.
Hardy zones 4 to 8 in full sun to partial shade on moist, humus-rich, well drained soil. Do not cut plants back severely ever.
Clumps can be divided during early spring.

Bright yellow foliage; otherwise identical.

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