Saturday, October 8, 2016

Eastern Gamma Grass

Tripsacum dactyloides
A beautiful, native perennial grass that has potential as a grain crop. Its seed is high in protein and can be ground to flour and used in the making of bread.
The Eastern Gamma Grass, reaching a maximum size of 5 x 5 ( record of 10 ) feet, and is native to moist soil in eastern North America ( Nebraska to Michigan to Massachusetts; south to Texas to Florida ).
The sprays of green foliage gives a fountain-like effect to the landscape.
The broad, deep green foliage is evergreen in mild climates, deciduous in cold winter climates. It turns to bronze and red during autumn.
Hardy zones 5 to 9 in full sun to partial shade on moist soil. It is tolerant of flooding in floodplains but not swamps. Great for containers. It is often used for foraging livestock.


* Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS.

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