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Hyacinthus orientalis ( Common Hyacinth, Dutch Hyacinth )

The species is rarely grown but is the parent of many hybrids. Originally actually a native of southeast Asia and reaching up to 12 x 9 inches in size.
The 7 to 8 glossy green, fleshy,strap shaped leaves up to 14 inches long follow the flower buds.
The funnel shaped flowers up to an inch long grow in dense clusters up to 9 inches long in early spring ( March in Maryland ).
Best grouped in beds or containers or massed in the landscape, the Common Hyacinth is hardy north to zone 5 however there are reports of zone 3 hardiness with winter protection or heavy snow cover.
Plant bulbs 6 to 8 inches deep ( 12 inches deep in zone 4 ) on well drained, light, fertile, sandy soil in full sun to partial shade.
Plant the bulbs in fall, 6 to 8 weeks before a hard frost is expected and when soils are below 60 F. This is usually during September and October in the North, and October and November in the South.
Prepare the soil to loosen it to a depth of 15 inches, then mix in a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost.
Space bulbs 4 to 6 inches apart.
After they bloom in spring, allow the plants to grow until the leaves turn yellow. They need time after blooming to store energy in the bulbs for the following year. To remove the dead plant, snip them off at the base. Deer resistant!

* photos taken on April 2 2011 in Columbia, MD

* photos from unknown source on internet

* photos taken on Mar 22 2012 in Columbia, MD

* photos taken on Apr 15 2014 in Columbia, MD

* photos taken on Apr 16 2016 in Columbia, MD

* photos taken on Apr 7 2017 in Columbia, MD

'Blue Jacket'
Dark stem & deep blue fragrant flowers

* photos taken on Apr 15 2014 in Columbia, MD

* photo taken on Apr 16 2015 in Columbia, MD

'City of Harlem'
Primrose yellow, very fragrant flowers

Fragrant white flowers.

* photos taken on Apr 7 2018 in Columbia, MD

'Delft Blue'
Fragrant, violet flowers

Fragrant, deep rose-pink flowers

'General Kohler'
Very fragrant, double, lavender blue flowers

'Gipsy Queen'
Fragrant flowers that are yellow flushed orange.

'Jan Bos'
Fragrant, red flowers

'King of the Blues'
Very fragrant indigo blue flowers

* photos taken on Apr 15 2014 in Columbia, MD

'La Victoire'
Fragrant red flowers

Very fragrant, white flowers.

* photos taken on Apr 15 2014 in Columbia, MD

* photos taken on Mar 29 2016 in Columbia, MD

'Madame Kruger'
Very fragrant, double, white flowers

'Orange Boven'
fragrant, salmon-orange flowers

very fragrant, bright blue flowers

'Pink Pearl'
fragrant, deep rose flowers

* photos taken on Apr 15 2014 in Columbia, MD

'Pink Ribbon'
to 12 inches with soft pastel pink flowers.
This beautiful new pink hyacinth was developed and named to join in the fight to find a cure for Breast Cancer. Our bulb grower in Holland created this variety, plus a tulip and a daffodil, especially for the "Pink Ribbon" program. So every bulb purchased of "Pink Surprise" sends a 10% donation to breast cancer charities.

'Queen of the Pinks'
pink flowers with deeper color bands.


* photos taken on Mar 23 2011 @ Brookside Gardens, Wheaton, MD

'Tubergen's Scarlet'
very fragrant, red flowers

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