Thursday, February 2, 2012



Mitella breweri ( Brewer's Mitrewort )
A perennial, native to mountain coniferous forests of western North America ( from Bella Bella, British Columbia to Mackenzie, B.C. to the Rocky Mtns of Alberta; south to central California to Idaho to western Montana ). It is endangered in Alberta.
The leaves are up to 3 inches wide.
Hardy zones 5 to 7 in partial to full shade on humus-rich, well drained soil.

Mitella diphylla ( Miterwort )
A clump-forming perennial, reaching a maximum height of 1.5 feet, that is native to rich mixed or deciduous woodland of eastern North America ( from northern Minnesota to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Tobermory, Ontario to Haliburton, Ontario to southeast Quebec to New Hampshire; south to far northern Arkansas to far northern Georgia to Maryland ). In the Windsor/Essex County, Ontario region; it was abundant around Windsor during the 1800s. It was abundant at Detroit and uncommon on the Ohio shore during that time.
The shallowly 3 or 5 lobed leaves are up to 3.5 x 3 ( rarely over 2.5 ) inches in size.
The tiny, creamy-white flowers are borne during the late spring.
Hardy zones 3 to 8 in partial to full shade on moist, cool, humus-rich, acidic to neutral soil.


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