Friday, December 30, 2011

Bowman's Root


* photos taken on Oct 21 2014 @ U.S. Botanical Gardens, Washington, DC

Gillenia trifoliata
Also called Porteranthus trifoliatus. A tough, woody-based, clumping perennial, reaching a maximum size of 4 x 5 ( rarely over 3 x 4 ) feet, that is native to open woodlands in eastern North America ( from southwest Missouri to southwest Michigan to Ontario to central New York State to Massachusetts; south to Arkansas to northern Georgia ). It often forms extensive patches in the wild. It occurred sporadically at Detroit, Michigan during the late 1800s but has disappeared there since and now only occurs in a single county in southwest Michigan. It is also endangered in Illinois, Ohio and New Jersey; extinct in Missouri and Delaware.
The cut foliage is divided into toothed, oval leaflets, up to 3 inches in length.
The attractive glossy green foliage turns to yellow and red during autumn.
The white, star-shaped flowers, up to 1 inch across, are borne atop tall branching stems during mid to late summer.
The stems are deep red.
Hardy zones 3 to 8 in full sun ( cooler climates ) to partial shade on fertile, light, moist, well drained soil. Drought tolerant.
Propagation is from seed or division done in late autumn or early spring.

* photo taken on May 14 2012 in Howard Co., MD
* photos taken on Sep 3 2012 in Clarksville, MD
* photo taken on Sep 10 2012 in Clarksville, MD

* photo taken @ U.S. Botanical Garden, Wash., DC on Aug 25 2014

* photos taken on Oct 21 2014 @ U.S. Botanical Gardens, Washington, DC

'Pink Profusion'
Pink flowers; otherwise similar to species.

* photo taken on Apr 23 2017 @ Brookside Gardens, Wheaton, MD

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