Friday, December 30, 2011



Verbesina alternifolia ( Wingstem )
A perennial, reaching a maximum height of 9 ( rarely over 7 ) feet, that is native to rich meadows and open woodlands and bottomlands in North America ( from central Nebraska to Iowa to far northern Illinois to Detroit, Michigan to the north shore of Lake Erie to southeast New York State; south to central Oklahoma to Louisiana to central Georgia. It is endangered in Ontario. In the Windsor/Essex County, Ontario region; it was only known from the Ojibway Prairie in Windsor and the Ohio lakeshore during the 1800s.
The narrow leaves, up to 12 x 2.3 inches, are rough in texture. The foliage is mid-green.
The yellow, daisy-like flowers, up to 2 inches across, are borne mid-summer to mid-autumn.
The sturdy upright flower stalks are winged. The seeds are loved by birds.
Hardy zones 5 to 8 in full sun to partial shade and is easy to grow on a wide variety of sites.

USDA NRCS. Wetland flora: Field office illustrated guide to plant species

* photos taken on Sep 19 2014 in Towson, MD

* photo taken on Oct 24 2014 in Columbia, MD

* photos taken Aug 2016 @ Patuxent Research Refuge, Laurel, MD

* photos taken on Sep 16 2016 @ Patuxent Research Refuge, Laurel, MD

* photos taken on Aug 13 2017 in Columbia, MD

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