Monday, January 5, 2015


Galax urceolata
A rhizomatous, evergreen, groundcover perennial that is native to the southern Appalachian Mountains ( from eastern Kentucky to far north-central West Virginia to southeast Virginia; south to central Alabama to central Georgia to central South Carolina ). It is slow to establish, usually taking 2 or more years to show significant growth.
The toothed, rounded leaves are up to 6 ( rarely over 4 ) inches wide. The leathery foliage is bright green at first, turning to deep green, then finally to deep red during winter.
The white flowers are borne on spires up to 16 inches high during early summer over a period lasting around 3 weeks.
Hardy zones 3 to 8 in partial to full shade on moist, cool, very acidic, well drained soil. It will scorch badly with afternoon sun.

* historical archive photos

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