Monday, January 5, 2015

Downy Rattlesnake Plaintain

Goodyera pubescens
A perennial, reaching up to 1.5 feet, that is native to either moist or dry woodlands in eastern North America ( from northeastern Minnesota to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to Cape Croker, Ontario to southeastern Quebec to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia; south to eastern Oklahoma through most of South Carolina ). It occurred sporadically on the Ohio shore during the 1800s.
The leaves, up to 2.3 x 1 inch in size, are mid-green with white veins and a broad white midrib. The foliage remains attractive through winter.
The white flowers are borne early to late summer.
Hardy zones 3 to 7, it thrives in partial shade on well drained soil.

* photos taken on Aug 20 2016 in Olney, MD

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