Monday, January 5, 2015


Sarcandra glabra
A small, evergreen shrub, reaching a maximum size of 5 x 3 ( rarely over 2.5 ) feet, that is native to southern China, Korea, Japan and southeast Asia.
The coarsely-toothed, elliptical leaves are up to 8 x 3 ( rarely over 7 x 2.3 ) inches in size. The foliage is glossy mid-green. There is a form with foliage that is bronze-purple at first.
The small, yellow-green flowers appear during early summer.
The orange-red, rounded fruits, up to 0.2 inches wide, appear late summer lasting into early winter.
Hardy zones 8 to 10 in partial to full shade on moist, fertile, acidic, well drained soil.

* photo taken @ U.S. Botanical Garden, Wash., DC on Aug 25 2014

'Golden Treasure'
Bright golden-yellow fruits, otherwise identical to species.

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