Monday, January 5, 2015

Mt. Shirane's Hollyhock

Glaucidium palmatum
A perennial, reaching up to 2 x 2 feet, native to mountain forest in northern Japan, that is a member of the buttercup family. It is endangered in the wild.
The 7 to 11 toothed and palmately-lobed leaves are up to 14 inches across. The attractive, tropical-looking foliage is luxuriant bright green.
The light lavender ( rarely white or purple ) flowers, up to 3 inches wide, are borne atop stems up to 2.3 feet high, during late spring.
Hardy zones 4 to 7, thriving in shade on moist, cool, humus-rich soil, it is tolerant of dry shade. It spends most of its first year developing a deep root system while little seems to be happening above ground. The wait is well with it. It does not enjoy root disturbance, regions with hot summers or root division. It is usually grown from seed.

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