Monday, January 5, 2015

Virginia Agave

Manfreda virginica ( Virginia Agave )
A very attractive, herbaceous perennial, reaching up to 6 x 1 ( rarely over 4.5 ) feet, that is a relative of the Agaves and is native to most of the southern U.S..
The very attractive, sword-shaped ( only slightly sharp ) leaves are green with purplish-red spots. The foliage clump reaches only 1 foot in height.
The yellow flowers, borne during late summer, on a tall stalk up to 6 feet high, are attractive to hummingbirds.
Hardy zones 6 to 9, in full sun to partial shade on well drained soil, it is hardy in Michigan. It is tolerant of dry shade under large trees.

Manfreda variegata
A perennial, native to far southern Texas in the vincinity of Brownsville.

* photo taken on Aug 23 2014 @ U.S. Botanical Garden, Wash., DC

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