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Crinim angustum

* photo taken on Aug 25 2014 @ U.S. Botanical Gardens, Washington, DC

* photo taken on Oct 3 2015 in Columbia, MD

* photos of unknown internet source

'Queen Emma'

* photo taken on Aug 15 2014 @ Druid Hill Park, Baltimore, MD

Crinum asiaticum ( Beach Crinum )
An evergreen perennial, reaching a maximum size of 6 x 7 feet, that is native from India to central & southern Japan as well as Korea; south to Indonesia. It is usually found on beaches in the wild.
The leaves are up to 60 x 6 ( rarely over 28 x 3 ) inches in size.
The greenish-white, drooping flowers appear mid-summer into early fall.
The bulb is poisonous.
Hardy zones 8 to 10.

Crinum bulbispermum ( South African River Lily )
Also called Cape Crinum. A very vigorous, perennial, reaching up to 5 x 3 ( rarely over 2 x 1.5 ) feet in size. It is native to South Africa.
The leaves are up to 40 x 4 inches in size.
The showy, large, white ( sometimes flushed pink ) flowers are borne during late spring.
Hardy zones 6 to 10 in full sun to partial shade on moist soil. It is tolerant of heavy clay. It does tolerate temporary drought and is deer and rabbit resistant.

Crinum longifolium

* historic archive photo

Crinum x powellii

Reaches up to 5 feet with fragrant white flowers.

Crinum 'Sangria'
Glossy purple leaves, reaching up to 2 feet in length.
The rose-pink flowers are borne on spikes during summer.
Hardy zones 7 to 9 in full sun to partial shade on moist soil.

* photo taken on Oct 21 2014 @ Smithsonian Inst., Washington, DC

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