Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Duranta repens
A fast growing, evergreen, large shrub or small tree, reaching a maximum size of 27 x 27 ( rarely over 20 ) feet, that is native to the Florida Keys, the Caribbean and South America. It is often clipped and used as a hedge in mild climates.
The ovate leaves, up to 4 inches in length, are glossy deep green.
The showy, lilac-blue, tubular flowers are borne on drooping, narrow racemes. They appear most of the year in tropical climates.
They are followed by yellow berries up to 1 inch wide. The berries are poisonous and should never be eaten. The stems are often spined.
Hardy zones 9 to 11 ( north to zone 8 as a perennial ) in full sun to partial shade on moderately moist, fertile, well drained soil. It is very heat tolerant but may be damaged by reflected sun in desert climates such as in southern Arizona.

* photo taken on June 1 2017 in Columbia, MD

* photo taken on Jul 17 2017 in Ottawa, ON

* excellent video found on youtube

Cuban Gold'
Dwarf in habit, reaching only 3 x 4 feet, with golden-yellow to lime-green foliage contrasting with lavender-blue flowers.

* photo taken on Aug 24 2015 in Columbia, MD

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